PornoRoulette Rules

Just like with any other chat site on the Internet, you must follow our rules in order to avoid getting into trouble. We have a solid team of moderators that constantly watch over the users to ensure that this remains a friendly chat environment at all times. Our moderators work 24/7 in order to provide you all with a safe chatting experience. It's important that you follow our rules in order to avoid getting banned. PornoRoulette only has a few rules, but they may change on occasion, so please return to this web page regularly in order to make sure that you are always up to date with the list of rules.

  • You must be an adult to use this video chat site due to the graphic nature of most webcams. If you are under the age of 18 years old, you will not be allowed to use this chat site. We will ban any under age user. If you notice people on cam that seem too young, please use the report button so that we can check into it.
  • You must respect all users at all times. We are proud of having a friendly and safe chat room experience, so we will not tolerate anyone who is rude towards others or who disrespects the other users. If you feel like being rude, please press the next button and move on to somebody else or simply close the web page or else you may get banned.
  • Cyber-bullying is not tolerated. Although this is very similar to the previous rule, cyber-bullying is actually a whole other thing and is a really serious offense. If you are found bullying other users on cam, you will be banned. Your IP address will be stored and we will contact your local authorities. Thousands of people commit suicide after getting bullied online every single year; we don't want that to happen on our watch.
  • Blackmail is another serious offense that will not be tolerated. Using fake software tools to blackmail other users or blackmailing others in any form is not permitted. If we catch you blackmailing other online users, you will immediately get banned from this site and your IP address will be given to your local authorities.
  • Although many people do enjoy taking off their clothes when using these chat features, you are not permitted to demand others to do so. Forcing others to take clothes off or demanding them to do so will not be tolerated. If you are caught demanding other users to take their clothes off against their will, you will immediately be banned from this site.
  • Do not record videos of other users on webcam without their consent. Unless a person specifically tells you that you can record them on webcam, you will not be allowed to do so.