PornoRoulette Sex Cam & Sex Chat Rules

Pornoroulette is an adult cam site where people can come and have lots of fun. However, to ensure the safety of both users and performers, there are some rules and guidelines which must be followed when using the service. Users who are found to break the rules either once or continually can be reported by other users and performers and may have their IP Address and account banned from the platform for a set period of time or indefinitely. Following the rules makes sure that everyone can enjoy the service equally and is more fun all around. The rules occasionally change, so please check back often to see rules and guidelines updates.

  • Pornoroulette is for adults over the age of 18 (or 21 in some regions). The website contains adult and graphic material and is not suitable for children. Any user found to be under the age of 18 will be removed and banned immediately.
  • Users cannot spam the sex chat rooms of performers. Please be courteous and patient when using the chat feature. Models try their best to respond to all messages but may take some time to respond. Do not send the same message repeatedly.
  • Do not bully, racially profile, or discriminate against any other user or performer. If someone is annoying you in the chat area just ignore or report them, do not retaliate. Users who bully other users or performers will be banned from the platform.
  • Do not provide any personal information. Pornoroulette allows users to create nicknames or usernames when communicating with performers. Do not use your real name, give any personal information, or provide the personal information of anyone else. This is for the safety of you and others.
  • Do not arrange to meet a performer outside of Pornoroulette. If a performer requests to do a show on Skype or anywhere else outside of Pornoroulette, report the performer immediately. It is very easy for models to use pre-recorded software on Skype for fake shows. However, Pornoroulette uses software which does not enable them to do so on our platform.
  • Do not record videos of any performer without their consent. Users who record videos on this platform and then distribute them to other adult websites can be prosecuted for fraud and copyright breaches. Unless a performer explicitly allows you to record them, do not use recording software on the website.

Please read our terms and conditions for a complete list of what is and is not allowed while using Pornoroulette.